Saturday, February 18, 2017

Maybe It's Time I Have An Actual Workspace Again?

Getting back to work after baby has been a long road. As in, it's taken me pretty much a full year postpartum to feel like a functioning adult again. (And even that really depends on the day.)

My return to career life after maternity leave didn't go as expected. It was the perfect storm of a handful of editors leaving their posts and many of my clients either slashing their marketing, and therefore blogging, budgets or taking all copywriting in-house.

Building up my client base again was basically a full-time job all of last year. And I'm happy to report that, thanks to (as always) the love and support of my tribe, my work plate is full again.

Now that things are falling into place, I can get back to super girly activities like designing my small office space. And by "office space," I mean cheap white IKEA desk that's been sitting empty in the corner of our living/dining room for 1.5 years.

Anyone ever geeked out over small office design ideas before? There's actually a ton out there and it's got me giddy. There's something about a pretty space that makes the concept of work more exciting, especially when you're a writer or a working creative.

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