Monday, February 20, 2017

Add This To The List Of Weird Postpartum Things No One Tells You About...

Te will be one year old tomorrow. I repeat, my child - who, it seems, was only born yesterday - will be 365 days old...TOMORROW.

There's so much about this that seems unfathomable. Number One: Stjepan and I are adults who are responsible for another human being. Number Two: We made it an entire year without any severe mental breakdowns. (I've had at least a few minor ones.)

Some of my close friends and family know that I struggled with a bit of post-baby blues, as many new moms do. It's been an emotional, mental and physical roller coaster for sure, but I feel like I'm learning to handle the ups and downs, for the most part. Or, at the very least, I've come to accept that there's a lot of stuff I don't know and/or will never be prepared for, so will just have to navigate as I go.

I've recently discovered one more thing to add to this list: The strange feelings of minor PTSD that started to creep up a couple of weeks ago. The weather here in Phoenix lately has been a lot like how it was in the days and weeks after Te was born, and it's triggering some minor anxiety...tiny remnants of the feelings of uncertainty and exhaustion that I had at the beginning.

It completely caught me by surprise, but what I quickly learned is that it's common. The first thing I did when this happened, of course, was text my friends with babies. As is almost always the case, most of them knew exactly what I was talking about and had experienced similar feelings. It seemed to have happened to many of them around the one-year mark.

There's just so much that moms don't talk about, either because we don't want to seem negative or because we worry that we're some special case and/or "weird." Or, we may just not realize that what we're experiencing is an actual baby-related "thing."

So...I decided to over share, again, just in case some mom somewhere is experiencing the same thing. You're not alone and you're not weird. :)

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