Tuesday, July 5, 2016

You Know You're A Mom When...

The title of this blog post probably has you expecting a tongue-in-cheek list of all the painful/honest/funny ways you know you're a mom.

That's not what this is.

What this is, is the story about my seeing my best friend for the first time in nearly 3 weeks...at Walgreens. In the colon medicine aisle.

This is the story about our first Week From Hell.

It all started the night we got back from our first family vacation (more on that later). After a long weekend of beautiful San Diego weather, long and leisurely walks, and plenty of QT with friends and family, Te decided it was the right time to start teething and my body decided it was the right time to give up on me.

We had been dealing with the 4-month sleep regression for weeks and Te's nighttime sleep hit the figurative shit-fan just before our trip. After months of waking only once or twice for the paci at night, she was back to newborn status...waking multiple times and for prolonged periods.

Stjepan and I were hanging on by a thread before our vacation and then I came down with a weird 48-hour bug of fever, chills and body aches. Te, thanks to a combo of teething and a cold (as we later found out), was up 4, sometimes 5 or 6 times a night. We kept her home from daycare. While I was laid up in bed, Stjepan took care of me and Te, and tried to get some work done. Someone give the guy a medal.

By Thursday, I woke up feeling somewhat human again and got back to an abbreviated list of mommy duties. Te's nose was clearing up. She no longer required Motrin at bedtime. We were in the clear...

And then I noticed red spots on the back of my throat. Of course I would get strep throat last week. OF COURSE.

So I high-tailed it to the nearest Walgreens clinic. It was a Thursday. Soccer night. AKA the first time Stjepan would get to do something for himself since the black cloud descended upon our house. In my haze of mommy panic, I ended up locking my keys in the car.

So who do I call to help when Stjepan is at home with a sleeping, sick-ish baby? The BFF, of course. Yes, the first time I call my best friend in weeks is to rescue me when I'm stranded at Walgreens, waiting for the results of my strep test (positive, by the way). She's there in the flashiest of flashes, waiting for me with my spare just as I'm stepping out of the doctor's office.

And then she does what all best friends do and asks, "How are you?"

And that's when I break down. And then we have a very public hugging session in the rectal care aisle of a pharmacy, in front of strangers.

And that's how you know you're a mom...?

It's the Tuesday after the long July 4th weekend now and I'm still dealing with a little PTSD from last week, but Te's back at daycare, Stjepan and I are back to work, and we're all fresh from the first night of uninterrupted sleep we've had since May (thank you, Dr. Richard Ferber!).

I'm not sure how long this lull will last, but I'm going to ride the wave while I can.

Happy 4th, all!

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