Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Must-Try Fitness Classes in New York City

Must-Try Fitness Classes in New York City

I've been covering a lot of unique fitness classes for Veria Living as of late. So far, I've tried a ballet-inspired strength class, aqua cycling, and Fitwalker, which is a self-propelled treadmill class that's great for cardio and lean muscles. In New York City, there's always a new trend cropping up somewhere. That's a good thing because it makes it easy for a fitness floozy like me to stay interested in working out, but the downside is that sometimes you drop a hard-earned dollar on a class that just wasn't worth it. I loved the following workouts, though, and highly recommend them for city-dwellers or visitors:

Fitwalker: An entertaining and energizing challenge!

Ballet Bungee: Approachable, quick and fun.

Aqua Cycling: Burn up to 600 calories per each 45-minute session.

PHOTO: Courtesy of Chaise Fitness in NYC

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