Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Flying in the Face of Ordinary with Chef Silvana

I'm really excited to feature Chef Silvana Salcido Esparza in my first insider's interview for Virgin Atlantic's Flying in the Face of Ordinary blog. Chef Silvana is a longtime Phoenix resident and one of the city's coolest people. Read more about her Calle 16 local arts program and her favorite Phoenix restaurants on the FITFOO blog.

Why do you choose to live in Phoenix? What do you think is the most annoying misconception about the city? 
I live in Phoenix because it is a brilliant city. It feels like anything is possible here. I came here for culinary school and stayed because I saw the tremendous possibilities this growing city offered me. It’s so big and there’s still plenty of space for everyone. It’s so aptly named. You really can come here and reinvent yourself. I did. I put my stake in the ground and bet it all on Phoenix.

I think the most annoying misconception is that we’re not a community that welcomes difference. That’s about as far from the truth of my experience than I can say. Another misconception is that it’s too hot here in the summer. It’s perfectly and fantastically liveable all year round. Besides, the sun shines all the time and who can say no to a little Vitamin D?

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