Thursday, October 10, 2013

Travel Gear: Fab Carry-On & Laptop Bag

Ready to hit the road, Jack.
I took a couple of Fab's new travel pieces on the road with me this summer to Croatia and then again for a quick trip to a friend's wedding in Cleveland. At first glance, I fell hard for the bright red gear (so stylish!), but they're much more than just pretty accessories.

I wish everything in my life was this organized.
Fab Trek Carry On ($149): I realize this will sound weird, but I just had a lot of fun packing this thing! Two large compartments on either side have plenty of space for clothes and shoes while the inside zipper front pockets are perfect for organizing toiletries or anything that you might need on the plane (for my trip to Croatia, that was plane-friendly beauty products).

I loved that I could fit everything I needed for my 4-day Cleveland trip without having to struggle to zip the suitcase. At first I was worried about its quality because the carry on is so lightweight, but it's totally durable and stood up just fine during my international flights, too.

Just a few of life's essentials.
Fab Assignment Bag ($45): As far as travel laptop bags go, this might be one of the best I've seen. Besides my computer, I packed it with magazines, a notebook, a book, and passport, which I slipped ever-so-sneakily into the semi-hidden pocket at the back. The bag itself is slim and trim, so there's not much room for other non-work stuff, but it's really easy to organize. Paired with the Trek, it's the perfect carry-on combo.

Plus, I kind of loved being that girl at the airport with matching luggage. Even after all these years on the road, I hadn't managed to ditch my motley crew of bags. (Until now!)

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