Tuesday, August 20, 2013

In My Travel Bag: Croatia

In Zagreb, a look at traditional Croatian clothing that women in the area wore all the way until the 1960s!
I can hardly believe it, but somehow the first week of our Croatian adventure has come and gone. We spent the first five days in Zagreb, Croatia's capital, running around like crazy to try and soak in all of the goodness - Dolac Market, Tkalciceva street, and the seemingly endless string of parks and public art. After two lux nights in Dubrovnik, we made it up north to the Crikvenica area on Saturday where we're alternating between days on the beach and quality time with family.

Coming from New York City, the actual trip to Europe was much easier than the days when we'd have to travel to Croatia from Phoenix. After a quick 7.5-hour flight to Zurich, we made it to Zagreb on a Sunday afternoon with plenty of time for a city tour and dinner.

Even though the flight was less painful than in the past, there were still a handful of things I probably couldn't have survived the plane ride without. Sure, my husband thought I was a tad weird when I started my mini spa session 45 minutes before landing but, hey, we had to hit the ground running as soon as we got to Zagreb. (Including a special project that I'm excited to share very soon!)

Honestly, Repechage's Eye Rescue Pads saved my life on this trip. OK, maybe I'm being dramatic. Still - I didn't sleep a wink on the flight (sadly, our Swiss Air plane wasn't as comfortable as I'd expected) so I was grateful for these. They come in a travel-friendly pack of 14 and are full of all kinds of antioxidant goodness as well as skin-soothing chamomile, moisturizing algae, and energizing caffeine.

I didn't sleep on the flight, but I was still as comfortable as possible in the cramped quarters with this sleep set from Fab.com, which comes with an eye mask and pillow that fold up into a tiny little pouch. And, I definitely used my fair share of moisturizer from Ava Anderson Non-Toxic. I first fell in love with her organic and natural beauty products a couple of months ago when I wrote about healthy deodorant alternatives and was glad to have this happy little jar along for the ride.

Before we left for our trip, I went on a "little" bit of a shopping spree and out of all the things I bought, I'm most happy with two solid purchases: a new pair of Converse All-Star slip-ons to replace ones I'd worn out and this adorable cross-body bag from Olivia + Joy.

Ever since we hit the Croatian coast, I've basically been living in two tops that I got from Cabana Life, which makes SPF clothing that you'll actually want to wear.

So there you have it - my Croatia travel bag. Now, it's time to get back to the beach...

What are your favorite purchases you've made this summer?

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  1. Although the water was pretty cold when we went I really enjoyed my time at this beach. The water is soo clear and there are some cool lounges/beach bars you can hang out at during the day.