Friday, July 12, 2013

Stylish SPF Clothing for Veria Living

Stylish SPF Clothing For Summer - Style Jaunt, A Blog About Fashionable Travel

One of my newest - most exciting! - gigs is as a regular contributor to Veria Living, a leading media company devoted to living and traveling well.

I'm covering all sorts of health and wellness-related topics, including healthy travel tips, wellness getaways, and the latest fitness trends. (Experienced my first-ever laughter yoga class just last week...that was interesting!)

Most recently, I wrote about stylish SPF clothing for summer. Contrary to what we all may believe, sometimes sunblock just isn't enough. Two lines that I am especially excited about are Cabana Life and Mott 50, the latter of which is owned by a fellow Croat with pieces named after Croatian islands. So, you know, I just had to include it...

Click on over to Veria Living to see the full list of Stylish SPF Clothing Lines.

Besides sunblock, what do you always carry in your beach bag?

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