Friday, April 12, 2013

On My Radar: Cleveland

Image courtesy of Positively Cleveland
I have to admit: the only reason I visited Cleveland the first time around was because my husband was born and raised there, and I was on a trip to meet his family. Many years and trips later, I've developed an affinity for the city and the Midwest in general. Here's why:
  1. Cleveland is full of nice, down-to-earth people who like to have a good time. Yes, I'm talking about our family and friends, but also the community in general. My in-laws live in the 'burbs on Cleveland's east side and I don't think I've ever stepped foot into a bar, restaurant or shop where staff didn't strike up a conversation. Not like: "Oh, hey, how are you? Oh, really? I don't actually care." A genuine conversation.
  2. My recent trip to Indianapolis (more on that soon!) only solidified what I already assumed about the Midwest: this is a very "come as you are" region of the country. And I love that. No pretense.
  3. Food in the Midwest is amazeballs. I can't believe I just used that word. But think about all the farmland and its possibilities! I've tried some phenomenal restaurants in Cleveland and Indy, and you know what? Chefs and restaurateurs there want you to eat at their restaurants. They want you to come in, spend time and feel welcome. No elitist, "exclusive" BS. (Seriously, when did it become so cool to be an a**hole?)
  4. Going back to number one: friends and family. Cleveland houses some of my most favorite people on earth. Sure, I may be biased. But mostly I'm just right.
Any way, while I've spent a lot of time in Cleveland over the years, 98 percent of that time has been in said 'burbs. So I'm extra excited for my trip later this month. I'll be staying and exploring downtown and am looking for your recommendations!

I'm especially looking for your favorite places in downtown Cleveland to eat, shop, drink, and meet cool people. Any awesome boutiques or designers I should know about? Any locals doing really insanely cool things?

What are your Cleveland must-sees? Go!

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