Thursday, February 14, 2013

Travel Style: Valentine's Day Loveliness

Valentine's Day fashion can take many directions. This year I'm feeling extra girly. I'm not sure if it's because it's our first Valentine's Day as a married couple, but I can't get enough pink and red. I've painted my nails in Essie's "Really Red" and plan on making these Valentine's Day treats. I know, it's all very mushy and gross. I promise to get back to my normal self very soon.

Here are the details on my favorite Valentine's Day looks from above:

1. LOVE by Diego Binetti: This collection is delicate and romantic, with designs that are actually approachable and totally wearable by the everyday woman.

2. Love Arrow Necklace by Claudia Rowe, $48: I love this cool little bauble! The necklace also comes in silver or bronze.

3. Mossimo Snake Skin Handbag from Target, $20: Seriously, what would we do without Target and Mossimo's ability to make fashion so affordable? I am a lifelong fan!

4. Mossimo Pearce Pumps from Target, $30: Can't you just see Kate Middleton running about all gazelle-like in these heels? OK, so hers might have a couple extra zeros at the end of the price tag, but still.

I've heard from a lot of friends that trying to get a dinner reservation on Valentine's Day in New York City is a total cluster. So we opted to have our date last night. The husband surprised me with dinner at Poke, which is a sushi restaurant on the Upper East Side that - I'm happy to say - more than lived up to its reputation. Fresh, simple and delicious. (And it's BYOB!) 

I was trying to be an attentive wife and not so much a blogger, so I made it a point not to snap any photos during the dinner (except the one below!). But my two favorite dishes were the yellowtail with jalapeno sashimi and rock shrimp appetizer - light, crispy, and with a delicious sauce for dipping. Honestly, though, everything we got was great.

The night ended with another big (!!!) surprise: we're going to see Mama Mia on Broadway Friday night! I know it's completely nerdy, but I'm kind of a crazy ABBA fan and somehow have managed never to see Mama Mia live. CAN'T. WAIT. 

Happy Valentine's Day!

What are you doing to spread the love?

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