Friday, February 1, 2013

My Life Now: February

Central Park, looking out from Belvedere Castle.
For reasons I won't ever understand, I've gotten a lot of requests from readers lately to include more information about me in this blog. Really, people, I'm not all that exciting. But you are my readers! So, your wish is my command.

Honestly, there's not too much to report. The holidays were a total blur and now it's the beginning of February and I'm mostly focused on surviving my first real winter without too many emotional breakdowns. (So far, so-so.)

Fall in New York City was downright magical and I've heard spring is amazing, too, so I'm letting that get me through this winter slump! Honestly, it hasn't even been that cold yet but it's just the fact that everything is, well, dead that's the real bummer. But, alas! Spring is practically around the corner. Until then, I'll be dreaming of my recent warm-weather travels:

Those are two of my favorite photos from my trip to Miami in December. And that's the greatest woman on planet earth, a.k.a. mi madre, right above - as happy as can be on South Beach! (Can you blame her?)

OK, folks. That's an umbrella in my parents' backyard in Phoenix (we made a very quick trip earlier this year for the husband's work) and behind it, the perfect and cloudless Arizona sky. No filter on this image. Beautiful, right?

Back in New York City, life might be cold but it's no less fun! Finally made a visit to Strawberry Fields in Central Park. And the last few images...well, I have no idea what they are. But I saw these statues in a subway stop (can't remember which now) recently and couldn't stop laughing.

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