Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Holiday Gift Guide: Clothes & Shoes

Now that we've finished what was left of our Thanksgiving turkey, I can start thinking about holiday shopping without feeling completely guilty. Never mind the fact that I've been compiling a holiday shopping guide since, oh, July. My first list (that's right - there will be multiple) is dedicated to clothes and shoes.
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Madewell Buffalo Plaid Coat ($288): Being a fresh New York City transplant, I am completely obsessing over fall and winter fashion. We never got much of an opportunity to rock our cute scarves and jackets in Phoenix, as you can imagine. I love the subtle hues in this Madewell coat.

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Ted Baker Origami Bow Platform Shoe ($185): These little numbers are so pretty, they don't even need wrapping paper. Just imagining these Ted Baker shoes under my tree makes me giddy with holiday cheer.

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Avelaka's Holiday Trade Top ($132): Avelaka's founder, Laura Miranda, is a Los Angeles native and member of the Pechanga Tribe in Southern California. I find her holiday line, which draws inspiration from the weaving and artwork of Native People in the Pacific Northwest, to be downright inspiring. (Email for info on where to purchase.)

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ASOS Bonjour Sweater ($61.57): I'm dreaming of a romantic Parisian escape but until that happens, I'll just fake it with this cute sweater from ASOS. Maybe if I send vibes into the universe, it'll happen. There's no place like Paris, there's no place like Paris. *Clicks heals.*

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Kate Spade Striped Carolyn Dress ($478): Wait a second. Something wonderful is happening here. Do you see it? Seems to me, this sweet color block dress from Kate Spade is the perfect pairing for those Ted Baker platforms. That, ladies, is what we call a holiday miracle.

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