Friday, November 30, 2012

An Update on Life in NYC

We've been in New York City for about two months now. And while our apartment is still in need of some TLC and we have yet to master the subway system (though, I'm not convinced that ever really happens), we are absolutely loving it!

It's not an easy city to live in. We're on the 5th floor in a walk up. Our first few weeks here saw Sandy and a freak snow fall. And sometimes even grocery shopping turns into an unwelcome adventure (a little old lady once snatched the last bag of flour from my hand during Sandy).

But every time I think I'm this close to exploding, something amazing happens. Like the changing of leaves in Central Park or happening upon a Polish street fair on a random afternoon. With all the challenges that living in New York City presents, I've never once doubted our move. Here are a selection of photos from our first two months in the city. Enjoy!

One of the most surreal moments I've had since moving to NYC is realizing just how close we live to Central Park. I took this photo on a beautiful fall afternoon, pre-Hurricane Sandy.
On one of the first open days since Hurricane Sandy, we were happy to see that Central Park hadn't lost all of its fall foliage.
With a cloudless blue sky that reminded me of home in Arizona, a walk across the Brooklyn Bridge seemed like the perfect way to spend a Sunday.
And just like that, Christmas sprouts up all over Manhattan.

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