Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Where to Stay: Hotel Excelsior Dubrovnik

Photo courtesy of Hotel Excelsior
For me, trips back home to Croatia usually mean accommodations at my family's homes or, in the off chance that we take some time to explore outside of our hometowns, renting an apartment from private individuals. But a fresh crop of luxury hotels in major Croatian destinations - like Dubrovnik - have me re-evaluating our entire game plan.
Photo courtesy of Hotel Excelsior
Hotel Excelsior in Dubrovnik isn't technically new - it's been operating since 1913 - but over its nearly 100-year history has had many new lives. It's now a modern and luxurious five-star retreat along Croatia's Adriatic Coast. There's a celebrity history here, too. Queen Elizabeth, Margaret Thatcher and Elizabeth Taylor have all stayed at Hotel Excelsior.
A sunset view from Abakus Piano Bar.
Photo courtesy of Hotel Excelsior
It's situated within walking distance of Dubrovnik's Old Town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and affords spectacular views of the town's sun-drenched stone walls and the Adriatic's turquoise water. There are five dining options, including a sushi spot - something I always crave after three weeks of "home cooking." Abakus Piano Bar is a local favorite and one of the best places in town to catch a sunset.
Just for fun - toasting to beautiful Dubrovnik on our last trip in 2010.

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