Thursday, May 17, 2012

Travel Beauty: Kate Somerville Tanning Towelettes

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Kate Somerville Tanning Towelettes ($48) are the perfect travel beauty accessory if you're heading for a sun-drenched destination and are worried about tan lines. With one easy application, you'll develop a uniform, natural-looking glow within two to four hours. The hydrating Tanning Towelettes are free of parabens, sulfates and harmful synthetic dyes.

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  1. "Being tan" was a huge image issue I wrestled with growing up. Let's face it: I am pale. You could also describe me as fair-skinned, ivory, or alabaster. "Ghostly" even, as some kids teased when I was younger. My whole life I wanted nothing more than to be tan. I would see people who glowed with bronze, summery goodness and I would be filled with jealousy that I couldn't look like them.

    Tan Hanover