Friday, April 27, 2012

In My Travel Bag:

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OK, your birthday is coming up. Are you praying that your loved ones will finally realize a girl can only collect so many cheap-o bath products? Or that, really, another gift certificate to Worst Chain Restaurant Ever is one too many? Enter

Essentially, is a travel gift card where you can fund your own trip, and have friends and family contribute towards it. Just save travel cash on your myTab account. Then, when a big day rolls around - birthday or anniversary, perhaps? - shout "put it on myTab!" to your Facebook friends and Twitter followers. Those who are so inclined can gift cash towards your trip and then you just redeem the funds when it's time to pay for your travels. is a good solution if you're planning a girlfriend getaway, too. You can set group reminders so all parties involved can pay up on what they owe. That way, no "team leader" has to pay out the full trip and wait to be refunded by slow-paying pals.

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