Friday, February 10, 2012

Honeymoon Ideas: Cabo San Lucas

A reader - who just signed their comment as "Life with the Ellwoods" - recommended we add Cabo Azul Resort and Spa in Cabo San Lucas to our list of honeymoon possibilities. I have to admit the thought is an intriguing one, especially since it's only a 2-hour direct flight and that means more beach time for me and the fiance.

Of course this picture of the pool at Cabo Azul Resort didn't hurt:

Photo courtesy of Cabo Azul Resort

Is that some kind of poolside lounge cocoon? I wonder if we could just drop our luggage next to it and shack up there for the week...

So Cabo Azul is an all-villa resort where the smallest, a one-bedroom, is slightly more than 1,200 square feet. Besides the luxury amenities, a bonus here is that the villas have an in-room kitchen. This is a nice touch considering the fiance and I like to cook. And, well, cooking with a beach view is that much better.

I love the design of the rooms, too. And while I hate the word "whimsical," I can't think of another word to describe the gorgeous bedroom furnishings:

Photo courtesy of Cabo Azul Resort

There's no way we'd ever be able to afford it, but check out the Sea of Cortez views from the penthouse balcony (yeah - that's a rooftop jacuzzi. No big deal):

Photo courtesy of Cabo Azul Resort

I guess the fact that all of the rooms have their own private terrace is a nice consolation prize, though. You know, it'll do. (Does facetiousness translate via the World Wide Web?)

Spa, dining and fitness facilities at Cabo Azul sound great, too. I know I said I'd like to be lazy, but a little beach yoga wouldn't be the worst thing in the world!

So, thank you for this great reader recommendation. Sounds like the relaxing beach side escape we're looking for and it's definitely in the running.

We're still looking for more honeymoon ideas so feel free to leave a comment with your recommendation.


  1. Great post and thanks for sharing your wish list. Hope you can join us at Cabo Azul Resort. Did you enter our honeymoon contest at

    1. Thank you for sharing the link! It's a great contest. :)

  2. I am such a sucker for a good pool - I say go!

    Andrea x

  3. Me, too! It's the little things in life - like an ocean poolside view - that matter, right? ;-)