Thursday, February 23, 2012

Blogs I Love: Ginger Murphy Style

It's no surprise that the state of the newspaper industry is less than desirable. For years, readers have been dealing with the heartbreak that comes when a favorite section gets the axe. When The Arizona Republic completely did away with its style section, a small part of me died.

So you can imagine my girly squeals of excitement when I found out Ginger Murphy was back on the scene in an even better way - with a fresh breath of creativity that only the beauty of self-publishing allows.

Now, I love color blocking and designer duds as much as the next girl, but Ginger's a true fashion talent. She's got a knack for layering that I can only dream of and, let's be honest, with those cheekbones and legs, the girl should be modeling the clothes instead of just writing about them.

And like many of the other girls on my blogroll, Ginger's not just a talented blogger, she's also a cool person. Granted, our interaction hasn't gone past the World Wide Web, but she's always offered recommendations when I've asked and actually responds to comments and tweets. So, be sure to check out Ginger Murphy Style. Your wardrobe will thank you for it!

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