Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Travel in Style: On the Go Clothes

Today I read this article and it made me very envious. I once checked a bag for an overnight trip to Los Angeles. (Did I mention I live in Phoenix?)

And while fitting a week's worth of jeans, heels and hair products into a carry-on bag probably isn't realistic in my world, I can hop on board the InDi apparel train.

Arizona-based InDi makes clothes "for women who know how to travel." We're talking reversible dresses, adjustable hemlines and built-in bras. No-fuss, wrinkle-free material is a staple of the collection, too.

All of this adds up to a clothing line based on the concept of "less is more." Instead of packing your suitcase full of outfit options you'll never have enough time to wear, travel light with just a few essentials.

This past fall, I got the chance to see the InDi line of travel-friendly clothing at Phoenix Fashion Week. These are some of my favorites:

Photo by Stjepan Alaupovic

With such a fun and brightly-colored dress, I'm not quite sure why this girl looks so miserable. After all, this simple little number is lightweight and wrinkle-proof. You can shove it into the depths of your suitcase and not have to fight with the hotel's crappy iron before you wear it! (Why are hotel irons always so crappy?!)

Photo by Stjepan Alaupovic

I love the blue and brown combo of this dress and the asymmetrical sleeves - a sassy touch! Add a pair of comfortable boots to this and you've got yourself a fun daytime ensemble for sightseeing.

Photo by Stjepan Alaupovic

Now, I'm not a 6-foot Amazon beauty so there is no way in hell I could pull off this look without some skinny jeans or, at the very least, leggings. (Bitch!) But I love the comfy-chic look of the jersey knit dress shirt and how the designer dressed it up with dramatic earrings.

Photo by Stjepan Alaupovic

A full-length shot of the shirt-dress. Love the funky heels with it!

Photo by Stjepan Alaupovic
This is a photo of the InDi show finale. I liked most of the stuff that she showcased during Phoenix Fashion Week but, you should know, some of her pieces are better than others. Definitely a line to look into, though!

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