Friday, January 13, 2012

Destinations: Palm Springs' Uptown Design District

So, the first thing Palm Springs' Uptown Design District has going for it is the fact that it is the location of the original Trina Turk Boutique. Can we just take a moment to swoon over this, this and this? Thank you.

The second thing that the Uptown Design District has going for it is this sandwich:

Monte Cubano from Jake's Ready to Eat

That, ladies and gentlemen, is the Monte Cubano sandwich from Jake's Ready to Eat. Jake's was steps from where I was staying (The Alcazar) and recommended by the concierge. This turkey and black forest ham goodness comes with generous amounts of Swiss cheese melted between lightly sauteed slices of brioche.

You'd think the sandwich would be enough of a treat but I sidled up to Jake's cute outdoor bar, ordered it, a glass of Sauvignon Blanc and a peanut butter-chocolate cupcake, and devoured it all on a breezy December afternoon.

Are you starting to understand my love affair with the Uptown Design District yet?

After lunch, I fawned over the district's crazy-good collection of home decor boutiques. Here are some of my favorites:

Insolito Home
Insolito Home: Insolito Home had a lot of really bright and funky chairs that I wish I was cool enough to pull off in my house. The chairs pictured above are more versatile. Plus, you can switch out the throw pillows for ones with more bold patterns and hues.

Interior Illusions

Interior Illusions
Interior Illusions: One day, when my 12-year-old sense of humor and ridiculously good looks awkward small-head-broad-shoulder-combo finally pay off, I will hire the team at Interior Illusions to decorate my fabulous home in the Hollywood Hills at the base of Camelback Mountain. Their pieces are dramatic in all the right ways, with am emphasis on texture and material. Who wants to buy me this as a wedding present?

Art Style Innovation

Art Style Innovation
Art Style Innovation: Acrylic EVERYWHERE. I loved it. Bright colors, bold patterns. I couldn't stop snapping photos. They have a ton of different home furnishings: pillows, bookends, vases, trays, bowls and more. Lots of fun little chotchkies, too. You can even design your own bookend.

Trina Turk Home

Trina Turk Home

Trina Turk: The holy grail of Palm Springs shopping. Trina Turk's stores for women's apparel and home goods are right next to each other, and there are plans for a Mr. Turk nearby. But besides having a million things I want, these stores are notable because the building they're in was designed by none other than Albert Frey himself.

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