Thursday, January 26, 2012

Blogs I Love: Hotel Belle, Annie Fitzsimmons

One of the best - and most important - things about blogging is being an active "community member." That's why A) I started a "Katarina's Favorite Blogs" blogroll and B) am featuring Annie Fitzsimmons a.k.a Hotel Belle in my first "Blogs I Love" profile.

I met Annie in New York City last year (by way of a very loving friend who introduced us!) for a cup of coffee in the West Village. Being a desert rat, I didn't realize that there are still some places in the world that don't accept debit cards. (GASP!) She kindly spotted me the cash for a cup o' joe and was nice enough to give me the rundown on the travel blogging industry in NYC.

Annie is a blogger's blogger. Since our initial meeting, she's answered about 1,007 of my random questions and is always really helpful. That's why I "love" her.

Why you should love her is because her blog, Hotel Belle, is full of whimsy, adventure and jaw-dropping photos of international destinations. The kind of places I dream of visiting! Annie also has her thumb on the pulse of New York City's most interesting treasures.

I hope you enjoy reading Hotel Belle as much as I do!

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